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New home buyers are able to customize their home by-way of allowances - this is money set aside to select building materials going into the house. Allowances allow new home buyers the freedom to pick options/styles that suit them, as well as the ability to upgrade specific items. All unspent allowances are refunded to the buyer at the end of the build. The allowance items are:

  1. Plumbing fixtures - Go to Plympton Plumbing's showroom to see and select all your plumbing hardware (taps, faucets, shower doors, etc.) as well acrylic shower units and soaker tubs.
  2. Flooring/Tile - Select your own Luxury Vinyl Plank, tile, or carpet flooring for all areas throughout the house. Not sure what to pick? A designer at Fabbri Tile will help you with all your selections to make sure your flooring colours match the style of all your other selections. Your choice of tile for shower walls and kitchen backsplash as well. Some buyers also choose to tile their fireplace for a more modern look.
  3. Cabinetry - Meet with a designer at Sarnia Cabinets to create the layout and style of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. You can also add a basement bar, laundry room cabinets, or a custom, built-in dining table.
  4. Countertops - Visit Progressive Countertop's showroom to make your selection of many styles of quartz or granite for countertop surfaces. You can have a waterfall style kitchen island, quartz/granite backsplash, or even quartz/granite cutting boards made.
  5. Lighting - See the wide selection of light fixtures that Twin Bridge Lighting's showroom has to offer! Pick out the chandeliers, pendant lights, and wall sconces that fit your style.
  6. Closet shelving - Stop by your home during construction to meet with Shelving Innovations! They will help you design your own custom closet shelving to suit any personal preferences or storage needs.
  7. Mirrors/Bathroom Hardware - Here you have the freedom to choose your own mirrors, towel racks, and toilet paper holders. Send your selections to us or drop them off at our site and we'll have them installed and ready for move-in day.


In addition to your allowances, you are able to select colours and styles from a list of select items that are categorized as options. The option items are:

  1. Brick/stone - Choose your exterior brick and stone veneer from a selection of samples.
  2. Paint Colour - Select paint colours for the interior walls, doors, and trim.
  3. Front Door and Garage Door - Pick your front door and garage door from our list of options.
  4. Interior Finish Carpentry - Select you baseboard, casing, interior doors, door handles, rail spindles, and sliding barn door.
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